Copenhagen students win Virserum glulam challenge

Students at the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture in Copenhagen won the WOOD 2013 glulam challenge in Virserum with their «Span and Mass» construction. The prize was officially handed out by Virserum Art Museum director Henrik Teleman at the «Wood in a sustainable construction culture» symposium held by the Academy last month.

One year ago Virserum Art Museum and Swedish Wood invited students from the Nordic architecture schools to identify and stage as many technical load-bearing challenges as possible, with the aim of finding elegant solutions to them. Five groups from three colleges, consisting of students from across the globe, heeded the call and were each provided with two cubic metres of glulam in a variety of standard measures. The jury needed little time to deliberate and chose «Span and Mass» with the following justification: «For its trying to reveal the mysteries of construction, for its economical and dynamical clarity.»

What does the prize mean to you? Peter Thule Kristensen, Associate Professor and Technical Manager at the Academy: -It’s a great honour for our talented students. It is an expression of a successful collaboration between education, research, art and industry. This is how we wish to develop our education.

Winners: Victor Velvarde, Carolyn LeCompte, Mathias Wehinger, Jason Treherne, Choi Wah Lui and Andreas Brunvoll. Arranged by Assistant Researcher Nikolaj Callisen Friis, CINARK – Centre for Industrialised Architecture in collaboration with Associate Professor Katrine Lotz from Study Department 3 – Architecture, Process and Project Development. The jury consisted of Henrik Teleman, Virserum Art Museum director; Mikael Lindberg, CEO at Martinsons Byggsystem KB; and Johan Fröbel, advisor to Swedish Wood.

WOOD 2013 – Goodbye!
Following an eventful year it is now time to say good bye to this year’s comprehensive exhibition on wood and sustainability – the fourth of its kind. WOOD 2013 and the Architecture of Necessity closed on Sunday 8 December with a traditional Christmas market. If you missed your chance to see the exhibition, the catalogue is still available to buy from the Virserum Art Museum shop. Work on WOOD 2016 is already underway.

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