Concrete Colors by Ritmonio, «The colours of the World»

Thanks to the HAPTIC series with the handle in concrete, deriving from the Concrete concept, which involves the use of cement resins in the designer tap industry, Ritmonio has definitively consecrated its role in the world of architecture and interior design.

Ritmonio is the only company in the industry that has thought and proposed the use of concrete applied to the control of the taps: a distinctive sign of Ritmonio and the series, that has become a true icon, increasingly appreciated by architects, designers and end users all over the world.

After a consistent chromatic and stylistic study and a steady search made by the company for new techniques for the production of this material, the project «The colors of the world», is born from the concept concrete colors, in which the handle in concrete is presented in different colours, inspired by the suggestions of some natural scenery.

By completing the Haptic series, Ritmonio confirms its position as a «trend-setter», a reality that can anticipate the trends of the near future, reflecting the modern and global architectural and design trends.

Eight colours available – inspired by the naturalness of the primordial elements – that are very well suited for multiple combinations. Tramonto, Canyon, Oceano, Vulcano, Artide, Tundra, Amazzonia, Sahara these are the names carefully selected: colors that are soft but firm, sober but daring, that can create emotions just like «the colors of the world».

The Haptic series is therefore an innovative product that overcomes the collective imagination that still perceives concrete as a single-colour element connected to industrial environments, focusing on elements of great visual impact, perfect for interior design environments with strong scenographic effects.

In the handle, the control element, the real point of contact with the user, the tactile dimension of the concrete is emphasized and is perceived as soft, warm, almost sensual.
A rough and structural material that – thanks to the use of the colour – find itself as velvety and gentle. A sensory experience that becomes complete with the visual dimension: it is the eye to clearly understand the colour variation in the different aspects of the handle and its evolution over time; and it is again the eye to perceive the porosity that becomes soft to the touch.

This is because the making of the concrete handle, which sees each single piece poured manually, leaves its history in the finished product. A history of craftsmanship, where irregularities add value to the product and attest to its uniqueness.

The «Colors of the World» are versatile, easily combined with stylistic and unique designs, like all the products created by a reality that makes internationality one of its pride. This is an important turning point in a steady process of positive growth of the brand.

Color focus:
The color of the lava stone embodies the power of the 4 elements, capable of making us live strong and profound sensations. It is the magic of a stone, which shows its essence as protector and catalyst of strengths.

The color of the sky at nightfall, its shades create a unique and fascinating spectacle. A moment where thoughts and emotions become more intense and overwhelming.

The color of the calm, infinite expanse of mosses and lichens draw picturesque landscapes, where peace and silence rule, giving a sense of freedom that rarely is perceived in such a strong way, stimulating meditation and peace of mind.

The color which represents noble sentiments leads to the boundaries of the world where everything has remained pure and uncontaminated. An overwhelming feeling of lightness to live intense moments of pure relaxation.

The color of life and fertility, the colour of the great forest, the green lungs of the world, where nature is the predominant force. An overwhelming force full of energy, which recharges body and mind.

The colour that refers to the immensity of the dunes between infinite horizons and outstanding landscapes. The charm of its shapes infuse warmth, passion and poetry.

The color that leads into the depths of the abysses, where the earth has given room to the water. Unexplored environments full of mystery. The magic of these worlds regenerates the spirit and sparks strong emotions.

The color of passion carved in the stones through the centuries. Sinuous curves create unique spectacles, where the earth seems to dance and vault in a majestic way. The strong emotion sparks a overwhelming passion.

Is a company with two sides: the Factory Division, which for more than 70 years has manufactured safety valves and brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel components, and the Bath & Shower Division, which produces designer taps and fittings for bathrooms. By combining fine craftsmanship, design and production skills, Ritmonio creates exclusive and authentic Made in Italy products that are functional yet stylish and eco-friendly.

Press Info:
Alessia Magarotto | Gagliardi & Partners