Solid Light: the new shape of light

OmniDecor, international leader in the production of high quality acid-etched and colored glass presents its new product, Solid Light, satisfying the growing demand of designers and architects for light to be more physical, tangible and scenographic.

Solid Light brings to reality a natural impossibility: to shape and mold light as you like.

Its technology homogenously captures a beam of light thus creating a breakthrough project material, with an infinite range of yet undiscovered applications to experiment with.

Solid Light is an extra clear glass featuring high light transmission. The special treatment of the surface allows it to be fully and homogenously lit by LEDs placed along the edge.

Solid Light has already been used to amazing effects in the innovativeVincci Bit in Barcelona.

Technical data:
material: extra clear glass in compliance with guidelines
max pane size: 200 x 321 cm

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