Kaira Looro International Architecture Competition

Writes the architect Raoul Vecchio, president of the International Nonprofit Organization Balouo Salo, who works to solve humanitarian emergencies with the architecture. Through this communication we are pleased to bring to your attention the international architectural competition Kaira Looro (Architecture for Peace) organized by us and with the cooperation of relevant parties and an international jury composed of: Kengo Kuma, Ghirardelli (SBGA), Nakamura (Tokyo University), Muzzonigro (Stefano Boeri Architects), Bouman (Mohn Bouman Architects), Pilar Rodriguez Diaz, Kasik (X Architekten), Ferrara (Juri Troy Architects), Chiarelli (Arcò Architecture and Cooperation), D’Urso (University Catania), Lutri (Inarch), Baricchi (CNAPPC).

The theme of the contest is sacred architecture in Senegal (Africa), in fact the name of the competition is «Kaira Looro Competition» (Architecture for Peace «in Mandinka language»). The initiative has two objectives: the development of research in architecture on issues of social emergencies and sustainable architecture, and contributing to a humanitarian emergency in Senegal that our organization wants to solve, in fact competition entries will be entirely devolved to charity to the humanitarian project «A Bridge for life» which aims to improve living conditions 80,000 people in emergency. For more information on this project can visit the official website: www.balouosalo.com.

The competition is open to architects, designers and students from around the world; so the competition notice is translated in 8 languages. Registration will open for the 20th January, 2017, with annunciations of the winners in 23 th May 2017. There will be cash prizes (with sponsor) to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, mentions and finalists. The winning team, other the cash prizes, will be have the opportunity to do an internship at the Kengo Kuma Office in Tokyo. Others there will be publications, articles and exhibitions of winning projects.

Here the official website of the contest www.kairalooro.com/competition.html

Best regard

Arch. Ing. Vecchio Raoul
Kaira Looro International Architecture Competition
Sacred Architecture for Senegal