Projects Gallery, 226 ceramics projects published

226: this is the number of projects carried out in Italy and in the rest of the world using Italian ceramic tiles by over 60 companies, which are now online in the Projects Gallery of the portal La ceramica Italiana ( 38 of these (belonging to 40 brands) have been uploaded by companies since the beginning of 2012. Architectural projects, carried out in cooperation with highly qualified planning and design studios and interior design firms, that have become true reportages thanks to the support of qualified journalists in the sector, combining a sharp eye for beauty with top product quality, for the multitude of potential uses – in the home and beyond – typical of Italian ceramics.

The gallery can be accessed in two ways: through the “project of the week” or through the general gallery. Every seven days, the section “project of the week” offers space and visibility to the description of the chosen project, highlighting its distinctive features and illustrating the technical characteristics of the ceramic material/product used. For each project, the details provided on the players involved – the supplier of tiles and sanitary ware, distributor, architects or designers, supplier of laying materials – are complemented by a superb photo gallery and a feature article illustrating the most important details of the project, as well as a description of the technical standards of the product used.

Within the general gallery, architectures are subdivided according to the various intended uses: urban residential, extra-urban residential, shopping areas, recreation and sociability, public hospitality areas, cultural areas, sports facilities, business areas, workshops and factories, transport premises, healthcare facilities and urban furnishings. Every section is composed of projects designed with the same intended use, coming together to create an extensive, attractive photo gallery, from which one click takes visitors to each individual project, where they will find an exhaustive description featuring the title of the work, the author and designer, the brand of ceramics used and the technical specifications of the products used. Different as each solution and work may be from the next, all of them share one key element: the use of Italian ceramics as a raw material able to inspire creativity and produce works that each has a different, distinctive impact.

Projects Gallery is thus intended as a prestigious, highly visible showcase able to reach all Internet users and allow them to explore the many different uses of ceramic tiles, offering new stimuli for design and fresh creative ideas for an increasingly wide use of ceramic materials in a growing number of applications both in Italy and worldwide.

Sassuolo, May 2012

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