Margraf Marble: a natural material for exteriors

For over a century, Margraf has been the partner of international architects in creating their master works in Italy and abroad, becoming an icon of genuine Italian excellence all over the world. Ever since the construction of the first skyscrapers in the United States, a countless series of major projects have followed, including the Coca-Cola Building in Atlanta, the IBM Tower in Georgia and the new World Financial Center in New York City, designed by Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, Terminal 3 of the new Beijing airport by Norman Foster, and many more. Today, Margraf marble and natural stone are a «must» in luxury developments.

The long tradition in marble working and in the range of natural materials for the environment-friendly quality building and architecture has led the company to achieve excellence in the matching and selection of finishes, sizes and shapes that can enhance the exteriors of private homes, residential complexes, hotels and public spaces.

Margraf marble offers its own vision of space providing a unique interpretation: external cladding and curtain walls, as well as stairways, designer fountains, benches and outdoor flower holders with a unique and unequivocal character.

Natural materials that enhance, creating a modern and refined elegance, perfectly meeting the needs of design, durability and strength, to provide architects and designers manifold aesthetic solutions through a broad range: Bush-hammered or flamed Blu Perla and Crema Nuova; bush-hammered, flamed or scored Lipica Fiorito and Lipica Unito; bush-hammered Pietra Ducale and Trani. Various modular sizes are available including 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm and 30×60 cm, as well as 30 or 40 cm, free length, all 3 cm thick and over.

According to standard UNI EN 1341:2003, all Margraf marbles for external paving have tested to be freeze-resistant and hence suitable for cold temperatures after 48 freezing and thawing cycles.

Margraf also offers exclusive materials from its own quarries, such as Lipica Unito and Fiorito, Pietra Ducale, both fossil marbles, extracted in Slovenia and Italy respectively.




Non-slip surface finishes
Margraf’s technological research has developed a number of surface finishes that can be used to obtain a unique finish as well as a high degree of slip-proofing for exterior paving.

Margraf offers the following finishes:
Bush-hammering: it gives marble a rustic appearance while eliminating any differences and variations. This effect is obtained using a hammer with pyramidal points, and the end result can range from extremely coarse to very fine, with various intermediate degrees of finish;

Score: it consists in scoring the surface creating narrow parallel strikes with diamond-coated discs or a wide range of tools with different profiles;

Flaming: it consists in a process using oxygen and gas. The high-temperature flame (2500 – 3000°C) is applied on the surfaces to be treated, which undergo thermal shock. This makes them dilate and crack. The surface texture will appear rough and embossed. Since this vitrification process improves resistance to weather and erosion. Flaming is especially recommended for exteriors but requires skilful use only marbles that are resistant to sharp temperature changes.




About Margraf
Margraf’s story (former Industria Marmi Vicentini) started in Chiampo (province of Vicenza) in 1906. Since its early start, the company devoted to accurate research work and development of new technologies, working in tight collaboration with famous international architects. Today, after more than a century, Margraf is a leading, world stakeholder in this field. Among many other pluses, Margraf owes its worldwide established reputation to its skilful extraction of marble and the ability to transform it into finished, polished slabs or tiny tiles and to provide a huge array of precious materials and excellent products for building construction and architecture (from the cladding of inner and external walls, to interior design items, to bathroom and kitchen decoration). On top of all this, Margraf ensures extensive environmental compliance investing any efforts to minimize any possible kind of environmental impact. This includes the use of cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of landscape recovery and energy saving practices, as well as the exploitation of renewable resources. Margraf is a perfect merging of past and present forming a first-class enterprise eagerly turned to the future.

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