Architettura Sonora and Margraf join forces Innovative natural sound design

Design and technology have been fused in an innovative collection of high performance, stunningly attractive sound diffusion products: introducing natural sound design by Margraf, in partnership con Architettura Sonora.

Founded in 2009 as a division of B&C Speakers SpA, one of largest and most significant loudspeaker transducer manufacturers in the world, Architettura Sonora is a unique audio brand. In just a short time it has become a pioneer in the sound industry, with its unparalleled expertise of quintessential Italian design and innovation.

A creative team of sound engineers, architects and landscape architects are all enthusiastically pursuing the goal of taking sound experiences to a whole new level. They have selected marble that has been processed and shaped by Margraf because it is a superior natural material that has not only proved to be an outstanding medium for sound but can also cater to all acoustic and architectural needs.

Together, the partners have created a collection of furnishings of various shapes and sizes that fit in perfectly with their surroundings. They can enhance interiors and exteriors like sculptures or works of art, while also offering unique sensory and acoustic experiences. The items in the wide range of extremely refined, high performance audio solutions can satisfy any need and even be used in a genuinely “bespoke” approach.



About Margraf
Margraf’s story (former Industria Marmi Vicentini) started in Chiampo (province of Vicenza) in 1906. Since its early start, the company devoted to accurate research work and development of new technologies, working in tight collaboration with famous international architects. Today, after more than a century, Margraf is a leading, world stakeholder in this field. Among many other pluses, Margraf owes its worldwide established reputation to its skilful extraction of marble and the ability to transform it into finished, polished slabs or tiny tiles and to provide a huge array of precious materials and excellent products for building construction and architecture (from the cladding of inner and external walls, to interior design items, to bathroom and kitchen decoration). On top of all this, Margraf ensures extensive environmental compliance investing any efforts to minimize any possible kind of environmental impact. This includes the use of cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of landscape recovery and energy saving practices, as well as the exploitation of renewable resources. Margraf is a perfect merging of past and present forming a first-class enterprise eagerly turned to the future.
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