Amabilia Suites by Brera Apartments

Feel at home as you admire the view of Milan’s Duomo.

Four self-contained private suites occupying a XIX century house facing Piazza Duomo set out to recount the understated, tailor-made luxury of the new hospitality trend. This is the latest agreement stipulated by Brera Apartments, managed by HotelSolutions, with owner Chiara Morgante who has coordinated the project in every detail, together with interior designer Federico Peri, while Brera Apartments will run the hospitality business

A private retreat in an exclusive position for those who love understated luxury, consisting of simplicity and moderation. Qualities that are expressed in unadulterated and cultured design, in neutral and harmonious colour palettes, in finely executed details and decorative fabrics of discreet charm. A refinement that mingles gravitas and hospitality. The quintessential Milanese concept of luxury.

Milan can be glimpsed from every corner of the four Amabilia suites which, self-contained, sophisticated and
silent, occupy the top floor of a XIX century dwelling – Palazzo Carminati, fruit of a recent restoration project
– with a breath-taking view over Piazza Duomo. For the interior design project, Federico Peri has imagined a
venue that offers the comfort of a private home, with all the refinement of a maison de charme.
The first expression of a format conceived by businesswoman Chiara Morgante, soon to be replicated in Venice as well as in other Italian cities, Amabilia Private Suites render the true spirit of the regional capital of Milan,
coupled with a peerless view.

Paolo Catoni, CEO of HotelSolutions, which manages Brera Apartments, was immediately seduced by the
uniqueness of this location, and gladly accepted the invitation to manage the hospitality business.
He comments: “A location such as Amabilia Suites expresses a value that has no equal anywhere in the world
and I immediately grasped its enormous potential, that of capturing the collective imagination of a high-spending international clientele, as a desirable, intimate and cosy place to stay in when in Milan, for the enjoyment
of an experience that stands apart from that of a luxury hotel. With Chiara Morgante we immediately went to
work to valorise the idea that Amabilia Suites enables the guest to feel “at home”, despite being in the throbbing heart of Milan, with a view of the Duomo.

Chiara Morgante adds: “Paolo has flanked me most professionally throughout the process, from the concept to the execution of the Amabilia project. Amabilia is no mere apartment converted into a suite: it is a luxury suite project conceived and designed to provide Clients with the maximum comfort, created within a maison de charme. Nothing has been left to chance: the soundproofing of the rooms, doors with 40 decibel noise reduction, the humidification system to ensure that the air is always perfect, the generous size of beds and showers, the positioning of switches and plugs, the key cards for opening doors. Everything has been accurately studied, thanks to Paolo Catoni’s precious assistance and advice. As well as acting as a consultant, Paolo Catoni is also highly successful in running Brera Apartments, a leading company in Milan in the ambit of luxury apartment management. Each member of his team has been carefully selected and trained to offer tip top service to the Client. Brera Apartments are the very best, without a doubt.”

The interior design project
Amabilia Milano consists of a shared living area and four double suites, each one decorated in its own distinctive style, fitted with a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. A kitchen is also available for private events, on condition that the location is booked entirely and exclusively.

The interior design project by Federico Peri has preserved the charm of the original architectural project intact while conferring refined finishes and details to the rooms, along with contemporary touches such as artworks and design furniture, some of which are custom-made, and others produced by well-known design companies. Amabilia Suites consists of four theme-based suites – Montenapoleone, Triennale, Scala and Aperitivo – as a tribute to fashion, design, culture, and the Milanese lifestyle, targeting all those who seek an exclusive hospitality solution, closely associated with the Italian tradition, homely yet intimate.

The four suites represent an imaginative tour of the Lombardy capital. As if the guest, on passing from one room to another, were to visit the iconic locations of the city, starting from the shared space – a living room that reflects the typical Milanese propensity for understatement – and to experience that rather special combination of comfort, austerity, and luxury. “I set out to create a little gem, a place able to evoke the elegance of the Milanese atmosphere, but also to express warmth thanks to a clever colour palate, refined wood finishes and sophisticated fabrics” explains interior designer Federico Peri.

Montenapoleone Suite
A tribute to Milan’s most famous street for designer fashion, as its name suggests, the Montenapoleone suite offers a spectacular view of the Duomo and stands out particularly for its choice of fabrics.

La Scala Suite
La Scala is the suite that celebrates the historical Milanese opera house. Dark colours, burgundy red velvet and spectacular lighting fixtures conspire to evoke the foyer atmosphere at that precise moment when the lights come down, the public enters the theatre, the performance starts, and spotlighted on the stage, for all to admire, stands the protagonist: the Duomo.

Triennale Suite
A tribute to the Triennale Museum, the most important institution dedicated to design, an ambit in which Milan is an unquestioned world capital, the room has an open plan layout and is decorated in light tones, punctuated by unexpected dashes of colour.

Aperitivo Suite
The atmosphere of the Aperitivo suite is inspired by Milan’s historical bars, characterized by warm tones and a welcoming, yet unfailingly sophisticated atmosphere. The view? As always breath-taking, that of the Duomo.

Brera Apartments
Brera Apartments was founded in 2009 from experience acquired in the hotel sector of HotelSolutions, a strategic revenue management company. It’s the first experience of a “diffuse hotel” in Milan. It represents a success story that has revolutionized the concept of short-term rental, transforming it into a true Milanese hospitality experience for its clients.

This project was born of the idea of welcoming the world to Milan on a daily basis and making each guest’s stay a unique and pleasing experience with the conviction that a hotel is more than just a place to stay, it is a home away from home, whether travelling for work or for pleasure.

It is a network of luxury residential suites and apartments in the heart of Milan, located in the central neighbourhoods of the city, such as Brera, Garibaldi, Duomo, San Babila and others. This service is aimed mainly at short-term rentals. The apartments and suites are selected with care to be unique in the eyes of the guests, and the locations are carefully selected around where the most important events of the city of Milan take place. In more than 10 years, the network has grown to include more suites and apartments to fulfil every type of need. Milan Eleven, Della Spiga Suites, Sforzesco Suites and Amabilia Suites are all part of the same management group.

The characteristic of Brera Apartments is not only the quality of the property offered, but also the customer care services, welcome and follow-up reserved for guests in the course of their stay in the city. One of the most interesting and innovative services offered to guests is a blog that provides practical information on how to navigate the city, as well as calendars of events, shows and celebrations in progress. This news is distributed to guests during their stays to enhance the quality of the Milanese experience, giving a 360° view of the city.

Brera Apartments is family friendly. In fact, the Group policy is that a hotel is more than just a place to stay, it is a home away from home, especially when travelling with young ones. In addition, we offer a concierge service able to satisfy every need of the guests.

Brera Apartments is always searching for innovative instruments to offer guests quality services and comfort throughout the hospitality cycle. The hospitality comes from the combination of unique homes with strong personality and the work that the staff does day after day. In addition to the booking service that aims to interpret all guest requests and to suggest ideal solutions, there is a housekeeper who is attentive to the details and preparation of the homes and a warm but discreet welcome with a check-in service available from 2pm until 11pm, and a night service for emergencies.

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