Ajuda – apartment renovation

This flat had three bedrooms and one small living room. A large corridor connected all the spaces from the entrance to the kitchen.

The clients’ desire for a larger social area and a second bathroom defined the project from the beginning. We joined de two central bedrooms that became the living room and occupied the corridor with a second social bathroom, near to the kids’ bedroom.

As this apartment is in a corner building, it gets sunlight from three sides, so we explored the opportunity to think the living room as the core space of house where all the other spaces converge. Although separated, the kitchen and the living room are now connected in a fluid way. The bedrooms, in opposite extremes of the house allow privacy, both for the couple and the kids. Carpentries, tiles or stucco-works -among other elements- weren’t original and were poorly chosen, so we felt more free to imagine a new atmosphere, with no reference to pre-existing materials.

Architecture: Arriba
Team: Architect José Andrade Rocha / Architect Filipe Ferreira
Structure Engineer: Flexibetao, lda
Client: Private
Gross Floor Area: 83 m2
Project: 2016
Construction: 2016
Location: Ajuda, Lisbon, Portugal
Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves