Tufty and Tufty Junior rugs

Laureline Galliot is a French painter and product designer with a focus on new formal possibilities offered by digital tools: her intuitive, compulsive, tactile practice of painting on iPad contaminates her way of designing objects.

Tufty and Tufty Junior reinterpret original motifs and colors of oriental carpets in contemporary form. Touch screen allows to paint with fingers and it generates a new kind of organic, multicolored shapes.

To design Tufty and Tufty Junior, Galliot chose to play with typical parts of oriental carpets (central medallion, pendants, field, main border, outer secondary border, fringes). While depicting successively these parts on her iPad, she explored – distorted, disguised – the traditional motifs to finally deliver her own versions of a carpet.


Press info:
Elisabetta Regonini | Di Palma Associati