Let there be light

Concept and process
The graduation between light and darkness is where my story begins, generating a supernatural world that transcends reality. Let there be light explores the photographic relationship between light, movement, shape, and color creating an abstract and interactive experience for the audience. The development of innovative and alternative approaches allows me to create a new experience in artistic photography.

The stimulus of this work originates in my Latin American roots full of vigor, dynamism, and a lot of colors. My photographic process is developed in scenes full of light and movement, which when transformed, provides a new perspective to quotidian spaces. Let there be light has an autonomous visual language and represents an opportunity to connect with others through forms and colors.

Color as a visual perception that stimulates the eye and the brain creates an immediate unconscious response in humans and, due to its power, it can be considered the most important design element present in my work. Likewise, color has the property of influencing the energy of a place and how a person acts or tends to function within that space. For this reason, it is primarily significant to find a connection between the art piece we incorporate into space and its relation to the energy and purpose of the space itself.

Let there be light invites the viewers to develop their own experience, by embracing this unique world. Sharing my journey where, as an artist, I explore and experiment using shapes and colors, creating a space in which the abstraction of movement and light are the essential elements.

My artistic process takes place at night while developing a genuine journey, where technique, focus, and movement play a leading role. Creating these photos is an innovative process, but even more importantly, the result is unrepeatable. The creation of a piece is unique and even using the same technique, the result is always different.

Purple Sea – Single & Magical (2020). Abstract Photography by Genesis Gonzalez

Let’s create!
Once I arrive at the location, I take a few minutes to capture the essence of the place. Observing and feeling the energy around me, each city has something different to tell. What are the predominant movement and colors? What things are we missing because of our fast pace living style? Then I get ready to capture that essence.

On the other hand, when it comes to postproduction, I always intend to keep it as organic as possible. The digital manipulation of a piece mustn’t exceed a subtle color correction. The movement must remain authentic and genuine. Once selected and edited, I group them according to their composition, movement, and color, creating a harmoniously Collections of Moments. However, sometimes, the piece is best appreciated when presented in a solo way, leading to the creation of the Single and Magical category.

At the end of 2019, I began to experiment combining traditional photos of the cities with abstract photography that I believe represents the energy of these places or the memory of some personal experience that I lived there. This experimentation brings alive my latest creation, PLACES.

Supreme Blue – Single & Magical (2015). Abstract Photography by Genesis Gonzalez

Let’s print light!
Once the postproduction is complete, it’s printing time! At the beginning of the process, finding the ideal surface to present my work was a big challenge. Let there be light looked bright and colorful on the screen, but when printed on traditional photographic paper, the quality of the colors was poor, and the essence was lost. Consequently, I started to explore different types of photo paper, acrylic surfaces, canvas, and even metal pieces. At the end of the experimental phase, the two materials with the best results were metallic photographic paper and aluminum. When I started printing on these surfaces, the result was effective; both surfaces preserved the quality of the work, intensifying the colors, shapes, and brightness of the images, contributing simultaneously to the aesthetics of the project and the creation of the art object.

Nowadays, I use metallic photographic paper for pre-production processes and aluminum as the final surface to present the piece. From my point of view, aluminum is a material associated with modernism and cosmopolitan cities, and it is in these environments where I create my abstract world. As a result, aluminum allows me to successfully present my art while maintaining a fluid connection between the concept and the aesthetics of my work.

Let there be light began as a photography project I developed during my MFA degree. However, it ended up being my passion, my therapy during the low moments, and my celebration during the good ones. Let there be light keeps growing, and above all, it continues to experiment and bring to life innovative ideas.


Foto principal: Charming Energy – Collection #16 – (2016). Abstract Photography by Genesis Gonzalez