The UIA marks World Architecture Day today to celebrate architecture around the globe

This year, our theme is «Architecture…housing for all». Our Union is committed to working with our Member Sections and partners to explore how architects can contribute to solutions ensuring universal access to safe housing. Here are the thoughts of some of our members and partners:

More than one billion of the 7.5 billion human beings on our planet live in places they build for themselves, using whatever materials they can scavenge, on whatever land they can claim, often tenuously. Millions lack permanent shelter altogether, such as refugees and persons displaced by conflict and calamity.

Let us turn our creative and political energies to providing decent housing for all. Let the 3.2 million architects across the globe help in efforts to reverse unbridled urbanization, finding ways to maintain viability in villages, small towns and medium-sized cities. Let us lead in finding new ways to make all cities safer and more equitable.

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