New Munch Museum by Estudio Herreros is set to open in autumn 2020

The Munch Museum has announced that the new building, designed by estudio Herreros, is set to open in this autumn, and the Munch Museum has revealed the first detailed photographs of the building in Oslo, Norway.

Spanish architecture studio estudio Herreros won an international competition to design the new Munch Museum and Deichman Library building in Oslo.

Since the building is almost complete, it is now scheduled to be opened to the public in autumn 2020 in Bjørvika in the Oslo city centre, confirmed by the Munch Museum.

The new museum will contain 11 exhibition halls spanning over seven floors. The large exhibition areas will provide opportunities for fresh and exciting art experiences.

Edvard Munch is a pioneer of modern art and the creator of the iconic The Scream. A brand new museum will be a tailor-made for the worlds largest collection of art by Munch.

«Munchmuseet will be one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to a single artist and will be the number one destination for experiencing Edvard Munch’s life and art,» said the Munch Museum.

The museum will have 13 floors, the building is 58 meters tall and encompasses a total floor area of 26,313 square meters.

The studio used concrete and steel in the building process which are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The facade of the museum is covered with translucent, perforated aluminum.

Futurebuilt: The new museum is a role model project in FutureBuilt. Being part of the FutureBuilt collaboration means reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the building from a life cycle perspective, both during the construction phase and in operation.

The Munch Museum will provide strong, meaningful, engaging and modern art experiences. In the new museum building, visitors can visit 11 exhibition halls spanning over 7 floors, and explore many of the 28,000 works by Edvard Munch from the museum’s collection.

Munch’s art is displayed in four permanent exhibitions, and temporary exhibitions will present both renowned Norwegian and international artists and innovative contemporary artists.

In addition, visitors will be able to attend concerts, literature readings and other cultural events, or gather family and friends for a wonderful meal and enjoy the spectacular view from the 13th floor.

The museum also houses painting workshops and other activities where children and adults can create inspiring art experiences together.

Top image © Adrià Goula, courtesy of estudio Herreros

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